2012 Matcha Harvest Update

May 29th, 2012

Good News!  The 2012 Tea Harvest destined to become Aiya Matcha is almost complete!

Having begun in early May, the latest news straight from our farmers in Japan is that they are working tirelessly to get this harvest finished and ready for tea production.  The weather this year was perfectly temperate and particularly kind to the tea plants so this crop is both plentiful and extremely high quality.  We at Aiya America cannot wait to bring this new tea to North America as soon as possible and whisk up many cups of Matcha for months to come!

As always, we have tested this year’s crop for any possible radiation contamination and are happy to say the test results show that Aiya’s Matcha is still completely safe to consume.  We will keep testing each monthly boat shipment and making the results available to our customers upon request.


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