Aiya America Matcha – How to Make the Perfect Bowl of Matcha

October 31st, 2012

We have had the pleasure of presenting at an increased number of trade shows and local events recently and one of the most commonly requested things of us is “How do I make the perfect bowl of Matcha?”  To that end, we are happy to share our video – How to Make the Perfect Bowl of Matcha with all of our Matcha fans out there.

While the video is short, please allow us to point out the three most important points for making a bowl of Matcha:

1. Water Volume – to get a good froth on the top of your Matcha bowl, you need to add about 3 ounces of hot water.  If you add more or less it is going to be too hard to get a good froth!

2. Water Temperature – you need to use hot water to make Matcha, not boiling water.  180 degrees is the perfect temperature!

3. Matcha Volume – you need to use 2 grams (2 bamboo scoops / 1/2 teaspoon) of Matcha.  If you add too little, there will be no flavor and if you add too much it will be hard to whisk and taste too strong!

Also, please read over the following whisking tips:

Whisking is much easier than you may fear!  Follow these three easy points:

1. If you are using a bamboo whisk for the first time, remember to soak it in some hot water for a bit before using it.  This helps the prongs to open up and bloom as well as remove the slight bamboo taste the whisk can impart on the tea.

2. Place the whisk in the tea and vigorously whisk it in a W or M motion without touching the bottom or sides of the bowl.  The bubbles in the crema should be small, fine, and silky.

3. When you’re done, it is best to quickly rinse the excess Matcha off your whisk and place it on a whisk holder.  The holder helps keep its shape as well as prevent it from molding!


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