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February 8th, 2013

We at Aiya are really pleased to see how popular drinking Matcha continues to be and are even more surprised and excited by the fact that baking with it and making various Matcha recipes have also exponentially increased in popularity.  We can safely say that we have seen demand for our Cooking Grade Matcha explode in the past 6 months especially!

If you are interested in trying to make a Matcha recipe and have a blog, we have an all new promotion just for you.  Contact us at with your blog information and we will provide you with a free samples of our cooking grade Matcha to try out a recipe with!

Once you make your blog post, let us know so we can share it!  Remember, the more detailed the better; take lots of pictures!


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  1. Ainee Beland says:

    The Matcha Cottage Cake looks invitingly good. The Tofu Ice Cream just as wonderful. Thank you for sharing recipes. I do not cook, I am not a good cook as I prefer things already done or not much fuss.

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