Aiya Received AIB Superior Rating for Its Matcha Facilities for the Seventh Year in a Row

May 31st, 2013


Aiya Matcha AIB Logo

Aiya, is proud to announce it has once again received an AIB (American Institute of Baking) Superior Certification!

This is the seventh year running for Aiya to receive this prestigious certification, awarded to those manufacturers who meet only the highest standards in food processing, food safety, and production technique. We at Aiya hold ourselves to the highest standards in production and quality and AIB’s rigorous certification process is one of the few fastidious enough to verify and reflect our already impossibly high benchmarks. As such, Aiya has been undergoing and will continue to undergo third party quality assurance audits.

Our own General Manager, Fumi Sugita, had a few comments to share on this topic:

“Receiving a Superior Rating of 945/1000 is an honor and one of the many ways in which our customers can be assured of our dedication to quality. I am very proud to say that Aiya is the only Matcha company to receive this certification this long running.

The quality and safety of our Matcha has always been paramount to us at Aiya. And in recent years, it has been exciting to see how well it continues to be received across North America. Everyday we connect with more and more cafes who want to add Matcha lattes, smoothies, and straight Matcha to their menus, making it one of the fastest growing tea drinks in the marketplace. With increased popularity, unfortunately, we’ve also seen Matchas originating from other regions making their way into stores too.  When it comes to Matcha, the manufacturing process is very important in guaranteeing high quality in the finished product. Some of the Matchas we’ve seen and tried on the market are lacking high quality standards and in fact are not even genuine Matcha at all.

We at Aiya recognize that Matcha is more than tea – it is a key food ingredient and it needs to be produced with food safety standards in mind. A prestigious certification such as the AIB Superior Ranking lets our customers have the peace of mind to know that our product is genuine, manufactured properly, and only of the utmost purity. As the world continues to globalize and companies draw ingredients from all over, knowing the origin and high quality of what you consume as well as having quantifiable quality certifications is an absolutely necessity.”

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