Buyer’s Best Friend In-Store Matcha Demo

June 18th, 2013

This year Aiya America has teamed up with Buyer’s Best Friend based in San Francisco. They are a retailer and wholesaler that specializes in premium artisan products. Over the weekend Aiya did an in-store demo showcasing our Matcha Zen Cafe Blend by serving up Matcha smoothies using vanilla almond milk and it was quite the hit.

Aiya plan to do two more in-store demos on June 22nd & 29th at the Haight Street location. If you always wanted to sample Aiya Matcha then please swing by during the in-store demo and have yourself a delicious Matcha smoothie. The demo will run from 12-pm-5pm both days.

Haight Street is a nice location with many shops and quite a lot of foot traffic. The Buyer’s best friend store seemed to get steady traffic throughout the day. Buyer’s Best Friend has many delicious and wonderful products at their store, but it is just a fraction of the products they carry as they have a huge online catalog.

This coming Thursday (6/20) will be the one year anniversary for Buyer’s Best Friend and one of the employees plans to serve up several drinks and concoctions using Aiya’s Matcha. If you happen to be in the area please stop by and enjoy the festivities.

For those customers in the San Francisco area that would like to save money on shipping just visit any of the three Buyer’s Best Friend locations as they carry a variety of our products including Matcha, loose leaf tea, and Matcha accessories.

  • 1740 Haight St
    San Francisco, CA 94117
  • 450 Columbus Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94133
  • 1 Ferry Bldg
    San Francisco, CA 94111

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