Gold Sponsor for World Tea Expo 2012

October 20th, 2011

World Tea Expo Banner

We at Aiya America would like to announced that we are going to be Gold Sponsors for the next World Tea Expo in 2012. We have been participating as exhibitors and speakers at the World Tea Expo for years now and have a great relationship with the organizers. It’s time we give back and decided to become Gold Sponsors. This will allow a chance to help educate and introduce Matcha tea to people new in the tea world as Matcha slowly gains recognition in North America and in western culture.

As you may or may not know, Matcha has a long history in Japan dating over 700 years. The Japanese have been enjoying this fine tea and its health benefits for ages now. Matcha can be seen everywhere in everyday society at coffee shops, tea houses, restaurants, and so forth. This tea can be enjoyed in so many ways; smoothies, lattes, ice tea, cake, breads, donuts, ice cream and other culinary creations.

We hope that by becoming a Gold Sponsor at the World Tea Expo we can continue to introduce the many ways you can enjoy this fabulous tea. Even people in the tea world are sometimes misinformed when it comes to Matcha, so it’s our duty to properly educate everyone. The only way to increase the popularity of Matcha is by providing the highest and best quality Matcha combined with the proper information. This Gold Sponsorship with the World Tea Expo will give us a great opportunity to reach out to many people. Matcha is still new and not everyone is familiar with it, but maybe not long after Matcha will one day become a household name.

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