Let the Tea Havest Commence – 2013 Matcha Crop

May 15th, 2013

Winter is now behind us and the weather is continuing to warm up as we are in the throws of spring. Along with warmer weather comes the blooming of flowers, and more importantly the tea harvest. The tea that will be processed into Tencha and later ground into Matcha is harvested generally around the first week of May. (For more about the Matcha harvest, see: From Seed to Scoop – How Matcha is Made)

As mentioned in a previous post, Japan saw a much colder winter this year compared to previous winters with some tea fields being blanketed in a layer of frost. Those unfamiliar with Matcha may see this as a bad omen for the upcoming harvest but quite the contrary it the truth; the tea is able to go into “hibernation,” which will result in a better quality tea once harvest time comes around.

Due to the conditions this past winter, we are optimistic that this year is going to be great. Our farmers share the same optimism when we asked them about their expectations surrounding  the 2013 crop!

We’ve also gotten some photos straight from Japan taken during the beginning of this year’s harvest.

Matcha Tea Harvest

Lush tea plants waiting to be harvested. In the background, you can see the burlap-like material that is used for shade covering.

Matcha Tea Harvest

A worker picking tea leaves by hand.

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