Making Matcha Recipe – Part XIII: Matcha Custard Pie

December 5th, 2013

For our thirteenth entry in Making Matcha Recipes, we made our newest  recipe – Matcha Custard Pie.  A delicious fusion of a classic pie concept with Matcha green tea, this pie is a wonderful way to introduce people to the delicious world of baking with Matcha.

Take a look at the whole post below as well as thoughts and impressions on the process of the all new recipe.

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Daniel Says:

“I devised the recipe with Thanksgiving and the holiday season in mind.  In previous recipes, Matcha has paired quite well with custard based ice creams and vanilla flavored recipes so I knew a basic custard pie recipe was screaming for some Matcha to spice it up.

As long as you follow the recipe as written, this pie is not difficult to make at all.  The one strong recommendation I would make is to give good consideration to the kind of pie crust you use.  For the test recipe I used a store bought graham cracker shell and while it came out quite delicious, I think a different kind of pie shell or even a homemade shell may have been better.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with it!”

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