Making Matcha Recipes – Cook With Matcha Part IX: Matcha Ice Cream

April 26th, 2013

For our ninth entry in Making Matcha Recipes, we made the first of two newly formulated Matcha recipes  – Matcha Ice Cream.  Both this week and next week we will be sharing a brand new Matcha ice cream recipe as well as a Making Matcha Recipes impression blog.  The summer weather is finally beginning to roll in and what better way to welcome it than with ice cream?

Take a look at the whole post below as well as thoughts and impressions on making this.

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Making Matcha Recipes Part IX: Matcha Ice Cream

Daniel says:

“Looking over all of our recipes up to now, we actually have not had a standard dairy Matcha ice cream recipe.  Although we have the Matcha Tofu Ice Cream and Matcha Gelato, when it comes to a standard ice cream that most anyone would recognize, we’ve been missing one.  We discussed that fact within our team and I decided to try and create something brand new for Aiya’s recipe box.  After reading different ice cream recipes and preparation methods from various sources, I believe I have come up with a recipe for Matcha ice cream that is simple enough to make at home but also delicious enough to be the far superior alternative to picking up a container from the freezer aisle.  I tried to use methods simple enough that as long as you have a freezer and a whisk you can make this recipe without having to go out to buy an ice cream maker or tool.  If  you happen to have those things, this recipe is even easier to make.

For preparation tips, I have two things that if  you pay careful attention to them, you will have delicious ice cream every single time:

Cream Temperature:

As it notes in the recipe, you should heat all the ingredients together before putting them in the refrigerator to mingle.  Being presented with a specific temperature can seem kind of daunting but it doesn’t have to be.  Even if you don’t have a candy thermometer to monitor the temperature down to the degree, you simply need to watch the heat you apply and the surface of the mixture.  Let it gradually heat on low and as soon as the first bubbles begin to come up and the mixture is gently steaming, you’ve reached the correct temperature and should take it off the heat immediately.

Mixing without an Ice Cream Maker:

The process of making ice cream without an ice cream maker takes more time but it isn’t more difficult.  After letting the mixture mingle in the refrigerator overnight, transfer it to the freezer and leave it there for 45 minutes.  Then you simply need to take it out and stir it around well.  This helps create a more even texture throughout the ice cream and also prevents extremely large ice crystals from forming.  By constantly mixing it around, you make the freezing process more gradual and the final product is very smooth.  It took about 4 hours to finish off but I was able to work on other things while it was setting in the freezer every 45 minutes.

Follow the recipe and keep an eye on the suggestions I’ve made and you will make a delicious, homemade Matcha ice cream each and every time!”

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