Making Matcha Recipes: Part II – Matcha Chocolate Cottage Cake

September 4th, 2012

For the second installment of our Making Matcha Recipes series (read the first here), Daniel took advantage of the extended Labor Day weekend and made our newest recipe – Matcha Chocolate Cottage Cake.  Read on to see his suggestions, comments, photos, and tips.

Making Matcha Recipes: Part II – Matcha Chocolate Cottage Cake

Daniel’s Impressions:

“For my second recipe in the kitchen, I wanted to challenge myself with something a little bit more complicated.  Our newest recipe – The Matcha Chocolate Cottage Cake – was the perfect choice!  When it comes to baking, I am always a bit nervous about getting everything right and that is one of the good things about our Matcha recipes; they are designed with all cooks in mind.  This cake is complex enough to make a delicious bakery-quality flavor but not too complicated that a novice like myself can’t handle it too.

Even as far as baking tools go, I was able to prepare the recipe with what I had in my kitchen already.  As you can see from the pictures, all I had was a full-sheet size baking pan that I sectioned off with some parchment paper and tin foil.  For ideal sizing, I would recommend using a half-sheet size baking pan.

Additionally, the two best tips I can give for this recipe are to make sure to let the cake completely cool before laying the fresh whipped cream into it.  I started forming the layers while the cake was still a bit warm and the whipped cream slightly melted.  I would also recommend that once you are done layering the cake, you let it set in the refrigerator for a bit before cutting it.  You want to give the layers some time to form and become distinct.  That extra touch will make your already delicious cake look just that much more beautiful as well.”


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  1. Ainee Beland says:

    Yummy! What tea to have with this? An Oolong possibly…

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