Making Matcha Recipes: Part III – Matcha Tofu Ice Cream

October 9th, 2012

For the third round of Matcha Recipes, Daniel decided to make one of our more iconic recipes – Matcha Tofu Ice Cream. (Please also see our past posts about making the Matcha Krispy Treats and Matcha Chocolate Cottage Cake recipes)


Making Matcha Recipes: Part III – Matcha Tofu Ice Cream

Daniel’s Impressions:

“Even though there are people out there who still do not know Matcha and its many uses very well, I am pretty sure just about everyone knows how delicious green tea ice cream is.  Even as our sales team travels around the country and we open many new people’s eyes to Matcha, I still find it quite surprising how well loved Matcha Ice Cream is.  Because of that,  I was very excited to make this recipe!

Up front, however, I have to say that this recipe is definitely tailored to non-North American tastes (IE: it is far less sweet than most ice creams you will find on the market).  I made it exactly to the recipes instructions and the resulting ice cream, while quite delicious, does not come out as sweet as you may expect.  To make up for that, I drizzled a little extra condensed milk on top for some added sweetness and richness.  The recipe, as it is, is most certainly a ‘guilt free’ ice cream.

Another word of advice I would like to give is that this is a very deeply flavored Matcha dessert.  If you prefer a less strong tea flavor and would like something more in the direction of the major brand name green tea ice creams, I would recommend decreasing the amount of Matcha to about 1 tbsp and increase the amount of sugar and condensed milk by 1~2 tbsp each.  Of course it all depends on taste so please adjust as you see fit.”


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