Making Matcha Recipes – Part VII: Chocolate Dipped Matcha Madeleines

February 14th, 2013

For our seventh Making Matcha Recipes post, Daniel made one of our most recent new recipes – Chocolate Dipped Matcha Madeleines.

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Making Matcha Recipes Part VII: Chocolate Dipped Matcha Madeleines

Daniel says:

“The first and foremost thing we have to stress is to follow the instructions as closely as possible.  I tried making this recipe twice; the first time something went terribly wrong and the resulting “madeleines” were a disaster.  Although that sounds bad in writing, it is actually exactly why I like to make our recipes.  If something doesn’t work and it isn’t a fun and delicious experience, we at Aiya want to be the first ones to know before our customers have a negative experience.  We want our customers to have the confidence that we are providing them not with just a copy and paste recipe from a cookbook.  We pride ourselves in being able to offer first hand experience regarding Matcha no matter what way you choose to enjoy it.

Nevertheless, after trying and failing the first time, I did some research into the methods commonly used to make madeleines and then compared it against what I had done.  I found some helpful tips and suggestions, went back to the drawing board, tweaked the recipe appropriately, and tried it again.  The result of my second attempt was far more delicious than the first and what I was looking for.

As for tips or suggestions, I have three main areas of caution I would like to stress:

  •  Make sure to really beat the eggs and sugar together well.  This step is the foundation from where the light airy nature of the madeleine comes from.  I cannot stress enough how important getting those eggs as frothy as possible is.
  • Make sure when you fold in the dry ingredients you are as gentile as possible and don’t overmix them.  If you accidentally overmix the batter and deflate the eggs, the resulting madeleines will be more cookie-like and less cake-like in texture.
  • Make sure to not add too much butter at a time when mixing it in.  Take your time, be deliberate, and mix it in little by little.  If  you add all the butter in at once, the resulting batter will not absorb it properly and instead seem greasy and leech some of the butter fats when baking.

Finally, as you will see in the pictures, I did three flavors of chocolate to dip the madeleines in.  I did this first so everyone in our office can try each and have actual feedback on how each pairing tastes as well as what they like about it.  Second, I did it to add a Valentine’s Day flair to the pictures – it’s Valentine’s Day afterall!


I hope you enjoy the pictures and the recipe!”

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  1. Ainee Beland says:

    It all looks very delicious and inviting; a bit difficult for me to bake. I tend to try simpler recipes, not requiring too much effort. Sorry and thank you!

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