Making Matcha Recipes – Part VIII: Matcha Roll Cookies (AKA Matcha Cookie Trees)

March 28th, 2013

For our eighth Making Matcha Recipes post, Daniel went into our back library and made one of the first recipes we ever shared – Matcha Cookie Trees.  Take a look at the whole post below to see impressions as well as pictures of the process!

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Making Matcha Recipes Part VIII: Matcha Cookie Trees

Daniel Says:

“For Easter weekend and to launch our newest Cooking Grade Matcha sale, I wanted to make something very fitting to the season.  Being of Italian decent. my grandmother used to always make roll cookies dusted with powdered sugar in all kinds of Easter shapes and then bring them to our house when I was growing up; it is an Italian tradition as closely tied to my memories of Easter as eggs, chocolates, and baskets.  Although the Cookie Tree recipe has a Christmas style to it, I applied a little bit of imagination and re-shaped them into Easter cookies instead.  Basically, since it is a roll cookie recipe, you can tailor it to any holiday or occasion you want (and whatever cookie cutters you have)!  The results came out even better than I had hoped.

As for advice, I didn’t encounter any problems while making this one.  If you follow the instructions exactly as written (which I did), they will come out picture perfect.

One small note I would like to add though is that since I was cutting these as single cookies without building any shapes, I omitted the egg white and powdered sugar frosting step.”

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