Matcha Green Tea is Made From Tencha, Not Gyokuro

October 27th, 2011

tencha leaves - used for matchaThere is a huge misconception that Matcha green tea is made from Gyokuro, and it’s not true. Gyokuro is shade grown though like Matcha but Matcha is made from Techan leaves. The biggest difference with Gyokuro and Matcha is the process after it is harvested. Gyokuro is harvested, dried and then rolled. Whereas Matcha is refined to remove all stems, veins and unwanted parts of the leaf just leaving the meat of the leaf. Once the stems and veins are removed it is then dried to remove excess moisture and is then called Tencha. After the leaves have become Tencha they are now ready to be grounded into Matcha powder using our granite stone grinders.

So whenever you read or hear someone say that Matcha is made from Gyokuro, please let them know that Matcha is actually made from Tencha and not Gyokuro. We don’t want this misconception to grow with the passing of wrong information. It is Aiya’s mission to properly inform and educate everyone about Matcha green tea.

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