Making Matcha Recipes – Making Matcha Crispy Treats

August 6th, 2012

To coincide with the launch of our newest discount promotion – Matcha Summer – we have tasked one of our team members (Daniel) with preparing our Matcha Recipes and recording his experience as well as giving us general feedback.  We asked him to follow our recipe exactly as written so we could see how clear our recipe instructions really are.  We also asked him to take additional pictures of the steps along the way to give a more detailed look at the steps.  We at Aiya always strive to make our customers’ experience as easy and clear as possible so we hope this more in depth look is useful!

Please return to our blog in the coming weeks to for more photos and comments about our other Matcha Recipes!

Matcha Summer – Making Matcha Crispy Treats

Daniel’s Impressions:

“Having grown up making Rice Krispy Treats with my older brother since I was a kid, this is probably the single recipe I was the  most excited to  bring over from Aiya Japan to Aiya America.  Almost all American families have had their fair share of Rice Krispy Treats over the years and before they started being sold in stores people used to make them at home.  At the very least, I assume people are familiar with what goes into a Rice Krispy Treat – butter, marshmallow, and cereal.   And even for those of you who are not familiar with them, this is the perfect starter Matcha recipe to try.  It doesn’t have too many ingredients, comes together quickly, and can even be made with kids to introduce them to Matcha!  So whether you have old, fond memories of rice crispy treats like me or are someone looking to do something fun with Matcha, this is the perfect recipe for you!”

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