Radiation Test Update

October 24th, 2011

Aiya StatementProduct safety is the most important thing at Aiya  and we set up our product quality and safety standards very high. We never compromise on product safety. Since March 11th 2011, we understand that every Matcha and Japanese tea fan is concerned about radio activity contamination. Aiya has done more than 50 tests since then and has confirmed our new 2011 crops are safe. On top of these tests Aiya continues to conduct monthly radiation test to ensure product safety.

We have received new test reports from a 3rd party laboratory for our tea that is planning  to ship out from Japan to Aiya America’s warehouse.  The report confirms it is safe and meets both the FDA and Japanese regulations. Aiya will continue to conduct our monthly based radiation test. If you would like to receive the actual test reports, please contact us at info@aiya-america.com and we can email you the test results.

Again, product quality and safety is the most important issue here at Aiya and we will continue to  take all necessary steps to confirm the safety of our products for all of our customers.

You can read more about our radiation testing at: https://aiya-america.com/corporate/about/safety


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